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Next Normal

As the COVID-19 pandemic wreaks havoc on the economy, the tech-driven ecosystem has taken centre stage not just in business continuity but also in leading the recovery from the COVID pandemic. Tech is now accelerating fundamental shifts in business parameters and business models globally. Banking and payments are among the core areas that have witnessed a surge in digital adoption along with healthcare, retail, education, and agriculture among others.

While the ‘digital’ approach has been the talk of the town for quite some time, the pandemic has drastically augmented the pace of the adoption of digital technologies.

The post-COVID world is going to witness an exponential rise in disruptive business models, emergence of new delivery mechanisms, and the increasing influence of the remote workforce on the industry – all of which will serve to encourage all business enterprises to reimagine and reinvent future trajectories of growth.

What to


The Tech India Transformation Convention 2021 seeks to bring together all the stakeholders across the industry on one platform to deliberate on the industry’s trends, areas of growth and innovation, disruptive business models, and a future course of action to better navigate and adapt to the next normal.

Key Areas

of Discussion

Digital Payments & Cyber Security

Leading towards a digital, secure and connected future

Digital Future

AI, IoT, ML, Drones & Robotics

Decoding altered customer preferences and the way they ‘now’ engage


Healthcare with Telemedicine

Going beyond boundaries to ensure better health for all


Amit Malik

Managing Director, Global Service Provider Segment, Cisco Asia Pacific, Japan & Greater China


  • Tech – the backbone of business in the post COVID-19 period
  • Digital is the way forward in a post-Covid world
  • Building robust platforms to fuel digitization
  • Identifying newer avenues of growth with phygital approach
  • Bridging the divide between India’s formal and informal economies
  • Driving innovations towards a new normal in the post COVID world
  • Decoding the altered customer preferences and the way they ‘now’ engage
  • Adding human touch in digital communication with augmented customer service
  • Everything into the Cloud
  • Steady march towards a more digitized & data-driven world
  • Changing the face of human-machine interaction in the post-COVID world
  • Ensuring e-Vigilance for a COVID appropriate behaviour
  • The next normal for conventional sectors
  • Redefining healthcare with telemedicine
  • The doctor-patient relation goes virtual
  • Enabling collaboration amongst the health & wellness fraternity
  • Going beyond boundaries to ensure holistic wellness for all
  • AI powered diagnosis and assistive tech
  • Decoding the changing digital gaming landscape
  • Online gaming: mainstream entertainment option during pandemic
  • Development of cloud gaming & social gaming
  • Blockchain technologies paving the way for secured transactions
  • Digital Payments – A shot in the arm amidst the pandemic
  • Capturing the ‘New’ Demand: Preparing for business-models of the phygital future’
  • Strengthening the Foundations of the Digital Economy’
  • Creating an ecosystem for Fintech and Digital Banking
  • Foraying into the future with Digital-only banks
  • Are blockchain and cryptocurrency set to alter the future of the financial landscape in India?
  • Cyber security – from ‘good-to-have’ to ‘must-have’
  • Establishing Security Preparedness & securing newly remote environments in WFH
  • Leading towards a secure and connected future
  • Refreshing cybersecurity norms for secured transactions



The Tech India Transformation Awards will be looking for tech firms that have carved a niche for themselves while being relevant to the current times and those ventures which have successfully refashioned themselves to overcome gaps in the prevailing technologies.

Awards Jury

Executive Director Asia Pacific & CEO, VR AR Association (VRARA) & Global Mindset

Managing Director, Global Service Provider Segment, Cisco Asia Pacific, Japan & Greater China

Head Product Management, NASSCOM FutureSkills

Award Categories

Industry Awards

EdTech Start-Up of the Year
Fintech Start-Up of the Year
Healthtech Start-Up of the Year
Food-Tech Start-Up of the Year
& many more...

Award Categories

Industry Awards (Established)

Best Tech of the Year (e-commerce)
Best Tech of the Year (Power & Energy)
Best Tech of the Year (Manufacturing)
Best Tech of the Year (Robotics & AI)
& many more...

Award Categories


Young Trailblazer of the Year
Difference Maker of the Year
Digital Transformation Leader of the Year
Entrepreneur of the Year (Female/Male)
& many more...

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